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End of Life / Over The Rainbow Package

Saying goodbye to a dearly loved animal is one of the hardest things we all eventually have to do, they are always there to comfort us and they provide so much to us with their lives. They become part of our daily routine and then part of the family. I wanted to create a package to help people through their grief surrounding losing an animal, to provide you with photographic memories of their faces and personalities - most importantly I strive to show your bond the most in these photos.

A nice way to think of the photos is as a commemorative celebration of your animal's life as something to always be able to look back on and cherish - not as a marker of the end of your story. 

Keeping your elderly or ill animal comfortable during their session is my top priority. We can go at your pace and we can take things slow if you would like to. Having photographed multiple animals who suddenly lost their lives after photos were taken, it really put into perspective for me how important photos like these are to their owners, having the memories to look back on.

End of Life / Over The Rainbow

£No Initial Charge

Package Details:

  • No initial charge (Excluding Travel Costs)

The shoot can be completely free. I want these photos to be accessible to anyone no matter their situation, hence why the package is free unless you decide on any extras afterwards.

  • Up to 1 hour shoot

To allow enough time to capture all the memories. However this time isn't a requirement, so should you feel like finishing early we can do that, or take as many breaks as you like.

  • 1 high-quality edited digital images of your choice

Completely free of charge. Full HD quality for any type of online and personal use.

  • No limit on the people involved 

don't doubt that your animal's life has impacted many lives, so anyone who wants to be involved in the photos is welcome to.

  • Additional images available for purchase with discount

Any extras, including more digitals, framed prints, canvasses and more are all available on my website after your gallery is uploaded - you will also be sent a code to grant you 15% off anything in the store.


'The photos of Olivia have filled my house and I don't think it will ever get easier that she's no longer here. But honestly, your photos make me smile rather than cry about the situation. You captured her perfectly and it makes the memories feel so real.'

In Memory Of

George (2013-2022), Layla (2015-2022), Olivia (2002-2022), Maks (2010-2022) 

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