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St Michael's CofE Junior School

Advertising Campaign

Between February - May 2022, I created a multi-media advertising campaign with a small group, for a local junior school. We created an AV advert, posters, and social media accounts. The aim was to create a campaign that flowed smoothly between each platform and encouraged parents to enrol their children at the school. We followed a house style to ensure continuity and enforce a strong brand image.

AV Advert

Following a brief, I created this short AV advert to promote the school. A strict house style was followed to ensure a strong brand image. I aimed to convey the school's values in a fun and inviting way.


We also created posters as part of the campaign. We aimed 

Social Media

We created social media accounts and posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There was a main focus on the school's 4 core values and showcasing the  community aspect. We aimed to make the profiles inviting so that we could maximise interactions and encourage engagement.

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